About Us

Atos Lifesciences established in 2017 is one of the fastest growing companies within the chronic and acute categories of the Indian Branded Formulations market such as: cardiovascular; anti diabetes, gastroenterology . Our focus is on developing and marketing products which are linked to lifestyle related disorders that are chronic in nature which treated by specialist and super specialists.

We enriched with experienced team of employees in South India. Our products are manufactured under stringent Quality Control Measures.

Our core commitment towards improving health care outcomes and adding value for all our stakeholders including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners.

Our aim is to become most admired company by doctors, patients, employees and all channel partners.

We committed to patients and doctors as users of our products; we strive to do our best at every step of the chain by providing best of products and services.

Vision & Mission

We make ongoing efforts to innovate our products to bring the best clinical practices in health care industry to our customers.

We conduct ourselves with high integrity to ensure respect of our colleagues is maintained and their excellence is recognized; we aspire to provide best of compensation and growth opportunities to our colleagues.

How We Can Help You?

We Offer A Wide Range Of Medicines To Help You Get well soon.

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